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PDA is short for a number of things, but as we reference it here, it is an acronym for 'personal digital assistant'.

A personal digital assistant can be any of a number of hand held devices, including smart phones, which are use to make life and/or business planning easier and more successful.  The term is also frequently used to refer to the software program that runs such utilities, or even describe the same type of software program that runs on your home or laptop computer.

However, a PDA is meant to electronically replace a day planner, calendar, and/or appointment book, so it is usually more commonly a portable handheld device, or one of the applications that offer such functionality on smart devices.

Google defines PDA as:

pda Noun:

"A palmtop computer used to store information such as addresses and telephone numbers, and for simple word processing and spreadsheeting."

-retrieved 3/15/2012 from Google.com

The Widget

The word widget is not new, though with the continuous and relentless advance of modern technology and the corporations that maket it, we are actually using this term in new ways.

Google defines widget as:

widg·et /╦łwijit/ Noun:

  1. A small gadget or mechanical device.
  2. An application, or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service.

-retrieved 3/15/2012 from Google.com

I felt that the Google definitions of these words were important as they clarify Google's own Android OS marketing terminology.  Because within Android, widgets are known as tiny background programs that can be placed on the home screen to run in the background in order to provide realtime data and/or access to an application.

PDA Widget

Here at pdawidget.com, we are using these terms PDA and widgets in their broader sense.  So that the acronym PDA does include smart phones and other hand held devices.  The term widget refers to any application that runs on such a device.

pdawidget.com attempts to identify the best and brightest of these applications available for your personal digital assistants and smart phones.


It may surpise you, but my very first recomendation for any supported Android based pda is to root it.  Without root access, you cannot even backup your programs and data.  This is extremely troubling since I have all sorts of programs loaded on to my phone.  Lossing them, or their data, would absolutely devastate my life.  The problem with rooting the phone is that it very likely voids your warranty.  I did wait until mine was off of warranty before I rooted it.

By rooting your device you gain Superuser access, allowing you extra capabilities and functionality.  With this functionality you can freeze out the bloatware applications that your phone was shipped with and free up both memory and storage resources.  Your device may well run faster without them, as well.

Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup is the best backup program available for rooted Android devices, bar none.  It also allows you the extra functionality of freezing and uninstalling system programs, though care should be taken here or the device could become inopperable should you freeze/uninstall a vital system prorgram.

(more to come... please return)


PDA Widget TM Logo

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